Friday, October 10, 2008

still no pictures

And no computer either.  Well, my own, anyway.  My computer is only 10 months old and it won't even open a window to start.  I have to call Apple and see when they can get me in to check it.  In the meantime, I'm using my boys computer and am having the hardest time getting use to their keyboard.  I fix a million typo's.  And, I can't load any pictures or get to my folders in my mailbox, etc... it's driving me nuts.

I went to school this morning to read in the boy's classrooms as I do every Friday.  It's really fun.  I did a ton of cleaning yesterday plus had 3 hours worth of appts.  I didn't get enough sleep the past two nights and I'm dead on my feet.  I'm waiting for Chuck to get in the bedroom and get himself dressed and outta' here so I can take an uninterrupted nap.  We are having company over for dinner, all of whom I do not know.  For those of you that know me well, know how I feel about these kinds of things.  I hate the "meeting" part and small talk.  I"m sure it will be an enjoyable evening once I get past all the introductions and such.  Chuck is making a variety of homemade pizzas including Thai Chicken, Tandoori Chicken (my favorite...I could make myself sick on it!) and I think he said BBQ along with some traditional stuff on another or two.  So at least there won't be a million pots and pans to wash afterward!

I just wanted to quickly check in.  My kids are out of school all next week but hopefully I'll get some artwork done to share.

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